How to reduce the number of phone calls in the Customer Service Center?

How to reduce the number of phone calls in the Customer Service Center?

“Welcome, you are the 5th in line to connect to a consultant …” Sounds familiar, right? This message is often the first stage of contact with the Customer Service Department.

10 years ago it was an acceptable model. Today its use effectively strains the patience of customers. It also affects the overall perception of the brand. That is why it should be taken seriously.

Customers complain about the problem of “missed phone” or an unreasonably long waiting time for a call. Departments responsible for customer service explain their troubles with numerous calls. Another factor is the discrepancy of needs with which the interlocutors turn to them. There are matters that take 2 minutes to complete, and some that take 20 minutes. Yet, a question should be asked. Hey, it’s the 21st century.
Should customer satisfaction depend on the length of the telephone conversation? Definitely not. The solution to the problem is to reduce the number of phone calls. We can do this by providing clients with a place where they will be able to settle their cases. And without the need to contact a consultant. The Customer Service Department should be the one to solve the special tasks.
We have a tool that enables such action. It’s an interactive customer portal, which we will discuss in more detail in the next article.

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