Automation of processes in the organization

Time – it is one of the resources that each organization and each business lacks.


The year is 2000. Technology begins to boldly enter our everyday life, both private and business space.

How to reduce the number of phone calls in the Customer Service Center?

“Welcome, you are the 5th in line to connect to a consultant …” Sounds familiar, right? This message is often the first stage of contact with the Customer Service Department.

E-Mail – how to perform better

For many companies, e-mails have become the main form of contact with the client. Great, this is definitely a good solution. However, it should be remembered that the transformation of the communication model to a newer one does not mean that it will work better.

The client will handle it? Too good to be true? Well, not quite.

We live in a time when consumers expect more and more and companies have fewer and fewer free resources. Namely – time and human resources.

Customer portal – implementation

In the last article, we presented the substantive side of the client’s independence in dealing with their affairs. We have developed specific conclusions.